Lodge Notice November 2009

Dear Brother:

You and your Masonic friends are cordially and fraternally invited to attend the 502nd Stated Communication to be held at Masonic Hall, in the Empire Room (12th Floor), Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 7:30 PM.

Participation: Master Masons, Fellow Crafts, Entered Apprentices
Dress Code: Officers: Dark Suit and Tie.
Brothers: Dark Suit & Tie
After the business meeting, ladies and Non-Masonic Guests are invited to attend the program listed below.

Program: LATIN JAZZ WITH SARAH Y SU CACHITO .Lovers of Latin Music and dance Sarah y su cachito play an inspiring mix of folk and popular music from danzion to jazz. Great music to listen to and even better for dancing.ivengan a disfrurtar con el cachito.
Dear Brother:
You and your Masonic friends are cordially and fraternally invited to attend our 503rd Stated Communication to be held at Masonic Hall, in the EMPIRE ROOM (12th Floor), Wednesday ,November 18, ,2009 at 7:30 PM

Participation: Master Masons, Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts
Dress Code: Officers: Dark suit and Tie
Brothers: Dark Suit and Tie

Program: Brother Marcus Dean Fuller will provide a lecture explaining the symbolism of the 1st Degree from a historical perspective. It is certain to be an interesting lecture that not only elucidate the symbolism for our new EAs, but will teach even the wisest amongst us a few new things.

From the East


I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you for getting this year off to a great start. We have initiated six new brothers into our lodge. I ask all of you to assist me in sharing light with them whenever possible as they continue their journey in Freemasonry. I also would like to thank Brothers Max Kalkstein and James Reichman for sharing light with the lodge through their fascinating and enlightening lectures. There will be many more lectures to come. Brother Marcus Dean Fuller will be sharing a lecture on the symbolism of the Entered Apprentice Degree.” You say a prayer in your religion, and I will say a prayer as I know it. Together we will say this prayer, and it will mean something beautiful to G-d-Mother Theresa. What is prayer and how can it enrich our lives? What happens when a man prays? We will explore these questions together on Wednesday December 2nd I will present a brief lecture on prayer and share some of my favorite prayers with you .I encourage each of you to bring along one or two of your favorite prayers. We will share many of them, and our Web Master Erek Tinker can post them on the KSB Website. We are not only here to learn, but to enjoy the fellowship of the fraternity as well. Immediately following our November 4 Communication, we will have a performance by sarah y su cachito followed by a meal of Cuban cuisine. The band will perform many Latin jazz standards by artists such as Emiliano Salvador, Peruchin’Bebo y Chucho Valdes as well as some original compositions by Sarah Town. Our annual Festive Board is quickly approaching (December 16th) and will be a great time as always. Details will be announced. Please come out and join your lodge for some enlightenment and fellowship. I look forward to seeing all of you.
W: Michael P. Gillespie, Worshipful Master

On October 7, we initiated 6 new Entered Apprentices into the King Solomon-Beethoven Family. Jeffrey Baron, Edgar Daniels, Michael Goodin, John Ryder, Lee Stehly, and Jelani Wray. Both R: W: Lawrence Wund, District Deputy Grand Master of the Ninth Manhattan District, and R: W: Michael Moriarity, Assistant Grand Lecturer of the Ninth Manhattan District were on hand to witness the degree work, and they were pleased with our work.
The Traubenfest was a great success. The weather was perfect, and we sold out of the beer mugs, which is always a big seller at the Traubenfest.
Our heartfelt sympathies are extended to our Jr. Past Master, W: Valentin Peytchinov and family on the passing of W: Valentin’s father in Bulgaria. May they find some measure of comfort in the days that lie ahead. Our condolences also go to Brother Karl Reeves and family on the death of Karl’s Grand Mother.
Brother Brandon Skolnik’s mother is at home now following a long stay in the hospital, and rehabilitation home. W: Valentin Peythchinov will be the guest soloist with the Urek Symphony Orchestra on Saturday evening November 21 8:00 PM at Merkin Concert Hall 129 West 67th Street
November is the month where we give thanks for G-d’s many bounties. May you and your families enjoy a happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.
R:W: Stanley M. Lewin- Secretary

On the TrestleBoard

Awaiting the Degree of Fellow Craft: Bro Entered Apprentices Jeffrey Baron, Edgar Daniels, Michael Goodin, John Ryder, Lee Stehly, Jelani Wray Steven Friedland, Ryan Walsh, and Anthony Zazzi.
Awaiting the Sublime Degree of Master Mason: Brother Fellow Craft Rahul Raju,

See you in lodge.

Dates to Remember
Thursday November 5 DD Visitation Von Mensch #765-Whitestone Temple
Thursday November 12- DD Visitation Lessing Lodge #608- Whitestone Temple
Sunday November 15- Semi Annual Meeting German Masonic Home Corp- New Rochelle 2:00 PM
Monday November 16-DD Visitation #Allemania 740-Whitestone Temple
Thursday November 26- Happy Thanksgiving

November 4, 2009
7:30 P.M.
An Evening of Latin Jazz
November 18, 2009
7:30 pm
Lecture by Brother Marcus Dean fulleron the symbolism of the First Degree

7:30 P.M.
Empire Room 12th Floor